Flooring Nightmares: Protect Newly Installed Floors

It’s dark in the big, empty house. You turn a corner and bump into a scaffold. Suddenly, there’s a thud and a clatter, and you’re covered with a sticky red goo. Oh no, I’m bleeding! you think to yourself. Then you slowly realize you’re not really hurt, it wasn’t blood at all — it was just a can of red paint that fell on you. With growing horror you see the paint also fell on the wall, the bookcase, and the antique heart pine flooring you just refinished. You turn to run, then freeze, knowing you’ll leave red footsteps throughout the client’s newly remodeled house wherever you go. A scream builds in your throat…

And then you wake up. It was only a dream…right?

Protect newly installed floors from things that go bump in the night

The scenario above may be a contractor’s worst nightmare but accidents do happen. If you’re not using surface protection on your job site it’ll come back to haunt you eventually. And if you’re dealing with new site-finished wood floors, freshly grouted tile or concrete that’s still curing, you can’t use just any surface protection. Thin products like rosin paper don’t offer the impact protection that a soft new finish needs. Products that have solid backing can trap moisture and vapors underneath as the floor cures, causing damage. To protect newly installed floors that are finished on-site, you need a silver bullet  — something that will protect those soft, sensitive floors while letting them breathe and continue to cure.

It’s magic (almost)

surfacepro protect newly installed floors

SurfacePro® breathable floor protection was specially designed for use on site-finished floors or newly installed tile, stone or concrete. It features an extra-thick layer of recycled fabric to protect the soft finish from scuffs, werewolf scratches and minor impacts. (Sorry, it does not offer good protection from axe-wielding maniacs.) SurfacePro® is not leak-proof — a solid backing could trap moisture or vapor underneath. Instead, the dense fabric absorbs spills slowly, giving you a moment to quickly clean up most liquids before they soak through to the floor. Plus, SurfacePro® saves you time — you can send in the electricians, plumbers, painters, zombies and the rest of the finishing crew while the floor is still curing.

SurfacePro® to the rescue!

All floors need protection during a project — accidents will happen in some form, whether it’s scratches, spilled paint, dropped tools or that pesky poltergeist that’s haunting the job site. Clean&Safe® and Clean&Safe®Pro provide excellent protection for almost any job, but when you need a breathable drop cloth to protect newly installed floors, SurfacePro® will be the superhero that comes to the rescue.

From all of us at KS International, Inc. have a safe and happy Halloween!



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