Protect Cabinets and Floors in Minutes: Video How-to

How to protect cabinets and floors is a constant challenge that anyone in construction or remodeling has to face on every project. Even service and maintenance technicians, plumbers, electricians and restoration specialists should be using something to protect floors when they’re on a service call. If you’re a gambler, you may opt to go without any surface protection and hope nothing goes wrong – but you’ll pay for damage to your customer’s property and your reputation if it does. If you choose to take the professional approach and protect their property, it takes time and money. You’ll probably pay a few workers to spend a couple hours cutting and taping rosin paper or paperboard to the floors and cabinetry, then throw it all away when you’re done.  But what if we showed you there’s a much easier, much faster, more eco-friendly way?

Protect Cabinets and Floors in Minutes, Not Hours

Protecting cabinets is easy with Clean&SafeProWith Clean&Safe®, Clean&SafePro® and SurfacePro®, the time needed to protect cabinets and floors is measured in minutes instead of hours, and one worker can do the job. Since it’s flexible and non-adhesive it’s easy to re-position. You can easily cut it to fit and the lightweight material lays flat without taping – no fighting with heavy paperboard rolls that keep trying to curl up while you’re working with them. And our products are highly reusable – when you’re done with one room just pick it up and move it to the next.

Now Showing on YouTube!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is priceless, right? Rather than tell you how incredibly quick and easy it is to use our products to protect cabinets, floors, stairs and just about anything else, we’ll show you! Check out the Clean&SafePro® video on our new YouTube page. We’ll be updating our YouTube content periodically to showcase new how-to videos, tips, testimonials and more, so check back often. Enjoy the show!

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