Reuse, Recycle: Creative Uses for Our Drop Cloths

Customers love our drop cloths for a variety of reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is because they’re reusable. Contractors keep the same drop cloth through a couple of jobs, then use it for demolition work when it’s worn out. Or they’ll leave remnants with the homeowners to protect their floors while moving furniture and appliances back into the home. Painting the kids’ room (again!?!)? Break out that extra scrap of Clean&Safe® to protect from paint drips. These are pretty standard ways to reuse our products, but we’ve run across some creative ones, too.

Protect Vehicle Interiors

csp protecting car interiorRemnants of our leak-proof drop cloths are ideal for lining the trunk or cargo area of a vehicle. Since they can be easily folded or cut with scissors, you’ll have a perfect custom fit no matter what you drive. We use them any time we’re transporting potted plants or bags of mulch from the garden center. If your dog rides in the car frequently, you’ll want to keep a scrap in your car to protect against doggy drool, hair and muddy paws.

Garage Floor Protection

csp protecting garage floorEven new vehicles can drop grime onto the garage floor once in a while, and older vehicles may have a finicky oil filter or temperamental transmission hose. Keep your garage floor free of oil and fluid stains by sliding a piece of Clean&Safe® or Clean&Safe®Pro underneath your vehicle. The plastic backing protects the floor while the absorbent layer traps liquids, keeping them out of the way of people and pets. If you live up north where salt and deicing chemicals are used on winter roads, our drop cloths can protect the garage floor from that nasty slush when it melts off the car.

Protection from Leaks

cs protecting atticThey’re certainly not a long-term solution, but our Clean&Safe® and Clean&Safe®Pro drop cloths can provide temporary protection from minor plumbing leaks or a slightly damaged roof until the issue can be fixed. When a tree branch fell on the roof, this homeowner used a wide section of Clean&Safe® to protect the ceiling below from possible leaks for a couple of days until the damage to the shingles could be assessed.csp protects cabinets

And everyone has that spot under the kitchen sink where you keep gunky soap bottles, wet sponges, cleaners and other messy items. Use a scrap of Clean&Safe®Pro instead of regular shelf liner for absorbent protection.

Protect Everything from Anything!

Our drop cloths are versatile, there’s no doubt about it! These are just a few of the creative uses people have told us about, and we’ll be listing more over time. Do you have a non-standard use for our products? If so, let us know – we’d love to hear it!

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